You have in front of you the CINI Manual ‘Insulation for Industries’ which contains the minimum requirements regarding thermal and acoustic insulation of technical installations in industries. It is meant to serve as an insulation tool for designers, engineers, principals, contractors and inspectors.

The CINI Manual is developed by the CINI Foundation and published first in 1989. CINI is an unique partnership between both principals and contractors, including companies like Akzo Nobel, DOW Chemical, DSM, Shell and VIB. Its objective is to achieve the optimal insulation system for each technical installation in industries. For this purpose, the know-how and experience of specialists from dozens of companies is compiled and laid down, via 12 specialized technical CINI working committees, in interlinked specifications.

The insulation and finishing materials as well as insulation techniques continuously develop. Therefore, the CINI Manual is updated once a year. To this end, a Revision Commission is in place to evaluate the proposals for improvement of the working committees and decide on the ultimate publication of the annual update.
We express our sincere gratitude to all users who have commented constructively on this manual and for the work done by our working committees. The unique CINI Manual and the accuracy with which innovations are implemented annually, offers you all current technical insulation knowledge within reach.

The CINI Manual outlines the minimum requirements for design, materials and application of insulation systems and serves as the basis for setting up technical insulation specifications for projects and maintenance. Thereto, selections have to be made on materials and details, as briefly described in the ‘instructions for use’ on page CINI 1.1.01.
The table of content refers to tabs. After every tab, you find a list of specifications. To select the materials to be used, you can make use of the ‘search paths’ (selection diagrams). The height of the process temperature is governing.

Subscribers have either the paper version of the manual or the electronic version (CD-ROM, intranet or Internet). Both versions are available in Dutch and English. Internet subscribers can easily have access to the CINI Manual via our website

The internet CINI Manual (online) offers you various advantages:

Consult anywhere via internet on your PC, laptop or tablet;
Always up to date, CINI is responsible and gives access to the latest revision;
Quickly browse and search through the manual to find specifications and details;
Simply make a printout of instructions and drawings required for a job.

Access to the CINI Manual is not free of charge. However, if you wish to access the digital CINI Manual in addition to the hardcopy CINI Manual, a reduced rate is applicable. In our webshop you will find current rates for the various CINI products and you can order online.

Practically all users of the CINI Manual have a subscription to supplements to ensure that this manual remains up-to-date. With this annual subscription, the significance of the CINI Manual is maintained and the user will be in line with other users, such as principals and contractors. If you do not have a subscription to these supplements yet, you are recommended to take one out.

By the way, CINI also provides the highly practical pocketbook version with essential data concerning hot and cold insulation systems. It is specifically designed for ‘in the field’ application by e.g. supervisors and inspectors. It is an extract of the CINI Manual on general requirements and installation instructions, insulation and finishing materials, drawings and measurement specifications.

CINI supplies an independent calculation tool called ‘Cinicalc‘. With the help of this tool you can calculate the economical insulation thickness and energy loss of (non-) insulated piping and equipment. More information is available on the website You can order CINICALC via the webshop.

Should you be interested in one of the CINI courses (basic and inspector), or do you require technical support in the set-up of a CINI based insulation specification, an inspection, a quickscan or an audit, please contact NCTI (Netherlands Centre for Technical Insulation) via
CINI is one of the co-founders of this independent knowledge and consultancy centre.
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On behalf of the Board of the CINI Foundation, we wish you success with this CINI Manual. If you have additional wishes, questions or comments, please let us know through the contact form or our website.