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The international manual for technical insulation.

Minimum requirements to ensure quality in the design, execution and inspection of insulation work.

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CINI stands for Committee INdustrial Insulation

About us

CINI was founded in 1989 and has since grown into an institute that strives for standardization in industrial insulation techniques for the oil & gas industry, (petro)chemistry, process industry, electricity industry, etc.
CINI has a globally branched relationship network in industry, industry associations, training institutes and government agencies.

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The CINI manual contains 11 chapters.

From general insulation guidelines to product specifications for insulation and finishing, from drawings of the construction of insulation systems for hot, cold and acoustic to prevention of corrosion under insulation.

By means of schematic search paths you will immediately find the information about a particular topic.

The CINI handbook has a navigation screen that can be searched quickly and effectively.

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The CINI objectives

Cini’s objectives are on-to-one linked to the promotion of state-of-the-art insulation work, with the necessary quality requirements.

The target group includes:

  • employees at owner companies, providing the contracts for insulation work in case of new construction or maintenance
  • insulation contractors
  • engineering companies
  • material suppliers
  • governments
  • educational institutions