CINI Academy

Aims to offer training modules for engineers, inspectors, work planners and supervisors to improve their skills on  industrial insulation applications.

Participants from asset owners, inspection- and certification authorities (e.g. governments) and contracting companies (incl. engineering contractors) are the main focus for these training modules.

These courses are developed and provided at several levels. It is important to understand that not only the training, but especially the combination of training and experience will bring the participants to a desired level.

Committee INdustrial Insulation (CINI)

Recently, CINI started the development and teaching of training courses, in addition to their publishing activities and keeping  their extensive CINI manual, the CINI pocket book and the Cinicalc calculation tool up-to-date.

CINI Academy training

  1. Awareness training
    online awareness course, providing participants with an understanding of the specific requirements of technical insulation practices, directly related to the CINI manual.
  2. Knowledge training
    A two-day course, that gives participants a level of knowledge in technical insulation practices and how to use the CINI handbook. This course also provides insights into choosing the right materials and solutions in projects and maintenance applications. Practical experience in technical insulation aspects and/or following the Awareness training module is a prerequisite.
  3. Expert training
    Specially developed courses in the field of inspection, engineering, work preparation, but also thermal and insulation thickness calculations with Cinicalc can be offered. A completed Knowledge training module and several years of experience in technical insulation applications is necessary to obtain a certificate.
  4. Master training
    Tailor made training modules for those individuals that want to expand their detailed knowledge in one or more subjects with the aim of providing valuable inspections, assessments and quality advice. Successful completion of the Expert training is a requirement