About the Committee Industrial INsulation

CINI was founded in 1989 and has since grown into an institute that strives for standardization in industrial insulation techniques for the oil & gas industry, (petro)chemistry, process industry, electricity industry etc.

CINI has a globally branched relationship network in industry, industry associations and training institutes. Also within government agencies.

Discover CINI

All insulation knowledge is clearly bundled in one manual. In the webshop, the latest revision can be ordered in various forms.

There is also the possibility to follow CINI training courses given by third parties.

Target groups for these courses can be: owner companies, supervisors, inspectors, design and maintenance engineers, work planners and measurers.

CINI founders

CINI was founded by prominent members in the industry:

Quality in function of budget friendliness – with respect for performance and good craftsmanship – keeps the total life cost of an installation under control.