The aim of CINI is to build on relations with recognized partners to promote the CINI insulation phylosophies and concepts to the industrial world. By means of these partnerships CINI want to build in a qualitative manner to comply to the requirements of the end-users, supporting the insulation contractors and engineering orgainsations. Below you can find references to existing relationships. In case opportunities are seen to join one of these partnerships, people or organisations are invited to contact the CINI organisation for further evaluation.

Partners in training

By means of partnerships with organisations providing dedicated trainingsessions, the CINI organisation wants to be sure the the content of the guideline and the appropriate insulation concepts trained in a correct way. By means of training audits and mutual training development with the training partners, trainingsessions with the required quality will be made available to the market.

Partners in contracting

Application contractors and engineering offices, using the CINI manual and CINI insulation phylosopies can be highlighted below.

Partners in inspection

Quality assurance of the installed base of the insulations systems needs to be performed by qualified CINI inspectors. With the right experiences and knowledge, these certified inspectors can evaluate all phases of the installation.