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2-Day classroom CINI-Academy course for technical insulation, based on CINI manual 
CINI-Academy offers the opportunity to gain or increase knowledge of industrial insulation by following a 2 day course. The course is based on knowledge and experience using the CINI handbook as a guide.Costs: 1.490,–  Euro, excl. VAT

Target audience

The CINI-ACADEMY course for technical insulation has been developed for asset owners, supervisors, inspectors, designers, operational and maintenance managers, contractors and contractors.


• Definitions and terms used in the CINI specifications

• CUI, relationship operating temperature and probability of CUI

• General requirements for insulating hot pipes and appliances

• General requirements for insulating cold pipes and appliances

• Installation instructions of various materials

• Installation instructions for valves, flange caps, manholes, etc.

• The effects of insulation on energy savings

• Quality control of insulation systems

• Measurement requirements of insulation systems

• Personal protection


At the end of the 2-day CINI course, the student can apply the CINI manual and select materials and systems. In addition, it learns how insulation contributes to energy savings and safety. At the end of the course, you will know how to assess or maintain the quality of the insulation and the underlying system.

The program is provided by experienced teachers, who themselves work in the sector. This stimulates the opportunity for discussions on content and experiences in practice.


The course is held in the west of Netherlands. With at least 8 students, the course is also given on location on the basis of a quotation. In consultation, the course can also be tailor-made. For more information you can  e-mail us at:

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