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CINI-Academy-INSPECTOR trajectory, in accordance with the CINI Guideline


You have been active in technical insulation for years, have already solved many problems and you find delivering quality a contribution to cost and energy savings, then a next step in your career is to follow the CINI-Academy Inspector course, in accordance with the CINI guideline. With this certified course you show that you are the insulation specialist and you can call yourself official “CINI INSPECTOR”.


Costs: 1.660,– Euro, excl. VAT

Target audience
The insulation inspection course is intended for participants who want to gain a broad knowledge of all aspects of industrial insulation inspection using the CINI manual as a guiding document. The training is suitable for engineers, end users, inspectors and contractors with sufficient experience in the insulation industry and a thorough knowledge of the CINI manual.
Requirements for participation

  • Extensive knowledge of the content of the CINI manual

  • Extensive proven experience in the insulation industry for the industry with regard to insulation theory, material knowledge and knowledge of implementation aspects and / or

  • A completed CINI knowledge training combined with sufficient experience with insulation projects Participants must be in possession of the latest version of a hard-copy of, or online subscription to, the CINI manual

  • Participant must have paid the full course amount to be admitted to the course.

Participants should prepare a report outlining experience in industrial insulation and be invited to an interview/entry test before being admitted to the course. Participants are tested on the knowledge of the CINI manual, ability to propagate the CINI vision, on integrity and the ability to give advice based on the CINI guidelines.

Content of the course:

  • The role of a CIN insulation inspector in new construction and maintenance projects

  • The role of a CINI insulation inspector in assessing the quality of an existing insulation system

  • Use of the CINI Manual when carrying out inspections

  • Translating the specification into clear work instructions

  • Assessing a site-specific maintenance and inspection plan

  • Assessing the project quality plan

  • Reviewing project quality documents (ITP and QCR)

  • Maintaining and reporting the project quality documents

  • Inspection scope and methods before, during and after execution

  • Dealing with deviations from the specification and CINI directive

  • Giving advice based on the CINI directive

  • Giving HSE advice during the work if it is related to the insulation project

  • Preparation of inspection reports

The inspectors course is given in 3 phases (practical elaboration still needs to take place.

Phase 1: Entrance test to determine the prior knowledge of the participant. Entrance test expires if the participant can present the knowledge certificate that is not older than 5 years.

Phase 2: Presenting face-to-face course material and preparing a practical assignment. Inform students what the minimum requirements are for the practical assignment.

Phase 3: Making a practical assignment by the participant and the assessment thereof and making an exam with multiple choice and open questions. Na. The exam can possibly be taken at the end of phase 2 so that only one contact moment is needed and phases 1 and 3 can take place online.


  • After completing the CINI inspector training, the participant has the knowledge and ability to describe and clarify his role as an inspector in an insulation project
  • review project documents and give advice to improve them
  • assess materials and structures on the basis of inspections and documents and certificates submitted by the contractor
  • draw up or assess an inspection plan describing and implementing the scope and methodologies of the inspection during the entire project period
  • assess the quality of the work carried out in accordance with the CINI directive
  • to respond to deviations, to advise on solutions and to bring the project to a successful conclusion with that advice
  • produce a thorough inspection report that meets the minimum requirements and in which the deviations are also recorded

At the end of the course you must be able to submit an inspection file, which will be assessed by the Board of Examiners for content and presentation. The assessment is decisive to become “CINI-Academy, certified CINI inspector”.

CINI inspector certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant receives an inspector certificate (level 1) stating that the participant has the capacity to perform the most common project and maintenance inspections for hot and cold insulation. This certificate is valid for 3 years. The basic inspector course gives a certificate for hot and cold insulation. The possibility exists, after following an in-depth training, to extend the inspection certificate with cryogenic, sound insulation and materials knowledge (level 2 and 3).

If the requirements set for becoming certified are not met, the participant will be informed with a short report in which the arguments that the Board of Examiners as a reason for not obtaining the certificate are set out.

The decision of the Board of Examiners cannot be communicated. If the certificate is not obtained, no refund of the course amount will follow.

It is possible to request a resit if you do not achieve the attainment targets. There are costs associated with the resit.


Re-certification can take place on the basis of knowledge and experience. The testing is based on a report submitted by the inspector in which experience and knowledge of the past 3 years are presented. Inspection and/or design reports (possibly anonymised) must be submitted, and references must also be given that can be contacted by CINI-Academy in order to obtain a consistent picture of the quality of the inspector.

  • Re-certification is possible under the following conditions:
  • The inspector must have access to the current CINI directive
  • The inspector must be able to prove that he/she has engineered, inspected and/or supervised projects in the past certification period, in accordance with the CINI directive.
  • The two points mentioned above will be assessed by the Board of Examiners.
  • The re-certification is valid for 3 years.
  • For re-certification, an amount applies which is determined by CINI-Academy.
  • A permanent examination committee is used

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